Thursday, August 28, 2008

Take Five Minutes Next Time

I've known for two weeks that my Mom is engaged. My middle brother (two years older) has also known for two weeks. However, my eldest brother (four years older) just found out last night.

I don't know why my Mom couldn't find the time to call him. Just a five minute phone call. Use your cell and don't pay long-distance. Sheesh.

Did she think he would not approve?
Come on. She'll be sixty in October, she doesn't need her son's permission.

Did she think he would say it was too soon?
Well, to be honest, when he called me late last night after talking to her, he did express concern about the length of time they've been together (not long).

Did she think he would laugh?
Again, to be honest, we did laugh. I laughed about it with my other brother, as well. I'm sure when my brothers talk, probably today, they'll laugh about it. Then next weekend when eldest is home from NYC, we'll laugh about it yet again.

The things he was upset about: Why was he the last to know? Why did she wait so long to tell him? Why didn't my brother or I let him in on the big secret? Geez, she even told my Dad (they've been divorced since 1985) before she told eldest.

Eh, who really knows what goes on inside any woman's mind? Certainly not me, and I am a woman.

Anyway, we are all happy for her. The guy seems very nice and treats her well. And no matter what our particular feelings on the subject, we will support her as we've always done.

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Ms. Lily said...

My husband and I were engaged after being together for only 3months. Nobody thought we would make it long, and we have outlasted most of those relationships. Last month was 12 years, we have been together. And I love him more today.