Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birthday Of Monkey

The birthday of Petit Singe is Saturday. He'll be turning the big six. We're having a party for him. (What can I say? He's our only monkey. Besides, we have one every year.)

Yeah, I know it's only September. I know it's too soon to carve pumpkins. I know it's a bit early, but, what the hell? Why not?

Petit Singe originally wanted a Batman party. Okay. Fine. I took him to Party City for some plates and cups and some other little things. He was so excited. Until we passed the Army stuff. Then it was put-everything-away-Batman-load-up-on-camouflage. Fine. Whatever. I like green, and I think we have some green plastic table covers anyway.

Not so fast.

On the way to the counter, we passed, you guessed it...Halloween decorations. Next thing I know, he's putting back all the plates and cups and filling the basket with...


(Yes, just what my energetic little monkey needs. Not to mention all the other little energetic monkeys that will be coming. *Sigh* )

Petit Singe wants a Haunted House. Gimme a break. I hung some 1980's Halloween decorations that my Mom had. They're pretty scary...pretty scary that my Mom still has them. She never gets rid of anything, but that's another story.

Wish me luck in preparing a monster cake. Here's to hoping you can tell what it is when it's done.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. 4:30 pm today starts the weekend for me. See you next week.

**In case anyone wants to wish me a happy anniversary, feel free to do so. Tomorrow is eleven years with Owen.


Hosea said...

Gosh, your monkey's birthday is only a day or so off of ours. What fun! Although I must admit I am gad they are both a bit past 6 years old ... it was getting really tough figuring out how to hold parties for little kids without either heavy drinking or a nervous breakdown for the adults. ;-)

And happy anniversary!

Ms. Lily said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope your b-day party goes smoothly.

Stacie said...

ha, my kids are the same way...

costume shopping is about the same routine!

hope you had a great time at the party...and happy belated anniversary!