Monday, September 15, 2008

Classical Or Wicked?

I just can't figure him out! In one sense Owen is pretty traditional, on the other hand, sometimes he's outrageous. In this situation, does being traditional translate to being a stick in the mud? And I'm not that daring either, but I am open to some things that Owen is not.

Now, I don't want to change him. I love him just the way he is. He's a good guy, a great father, a wonderful husband. I think he's sexy as hell. The changes I'm suggesting are superficial. It wouldn't fundamentally change who he is. But any suggestions I make are met with heavy disapproval.

I suggested a nipple piercing.
Owen: No way! Someone at work would rip it out when they give me a titty twister!
Me: Well, maybe you and your coworkers should GROW UP!

I suggested shaving or waxing down there.
Owen: (Whining) What if I cut myself? I don't wanna be all itchy, either.
Me: *Sigh* It will be okay. And I deal with it just fine.
(On a side note, I did convince him to trim it, but there's still a lot of hair.) (And he does complain that its still itchy anyway.)

I suggested he get another tattoo or finish coloring in the one he has.
Owen: I don't need a tattoo, and this one looks fine with no color.
Me: Okay, don't get another tattoo, get your nipple pierced. (And then we're back to square one.)

Again, I know its his body. I'm not giving him an ultimatum or anything. I just think these ideas could be pleasurable for us (read: me). There's no way I could even suggest a piercing I saw on a certain sexy lady's knight. Ah well, I guess I'll have to keep that thought for myself.

Then, on the other hand, Owen is outrageous, like I stated above. He does want to see me with another guy. We were at a friend's house Saturday night, and I'm blushing even now to remember the words flying back and forth.

He wants me to go bra-less out in public. Fine. It happens occasionally, because he likes it. And I don't mind either. But we both know that it is mainly for him.

We'll be having sex at night and he comes out with, "Who's fuckin' you? Who are you thinking about?" Well, gee, I was thinking about you, Owen, but instead, why don't you tell me who's fucking me?

Well, I guess that's just Owen. And I'm only complaining a little. I just wish he'd be a little more adventurous, as he would like me to be. At the rate we're going, he'll get his way, but I'll still be the one nagging him about his hairy balls.

Am I always gonna be the one giving in?

I love Owen.
I'm very happy with him.
He doesn't get angry at me, he just tells me no.


Liam said...

Well what do you do? Do you shave or wax? Maybe make what you do contingent on what he does.

I shaved once. My wife and I did it to each other. I thought it was... interesting. But it was a lot of work for "interesting". Now I just trim.

As for being more outrageous... maybe try some different props...

Sera said...

People should read this.