Monday, September 22, 2008

Love Is In The Air

I fell in love this weekend.

Owen and I went out with my brothers Friday night. My oldest brother, we'll call him Carlos, had his girlfriend in town from New York. This would be our first time meeting her. When Owen and I went to New York in June, we weren't able to connect with her.

Carlos is four years older than me. When I was starting high school, he was moving off to college. When I was starting college, he was shipping off to Germany. He hasn't lived back in my hometown since I was 14. That's half my life. Although we're close, I don't know him as well as I once did.

Anyway, over the years I've met quite a few of his girlfriends. There are a couple who stand out in my mind when I think back.

When Carlos was stationed in Savannah, he was dating a girl named Nicole. She was a really nice girl. Cute accent. Very pretty. She was also very high maintenance. It is funny in so many ways. If you knew Carlos, or anyone else in my family, you'd see how ridiculous this was. As for Nicole, she decided after dating him for a long time that she wasn't content to wait for him while he went to Iraq for a year. That was her decision, and it was right for her. And Carlos.

The next woman who stands out is Melissa. They met in New York City. He brought her back here to meet all of us. She, too, was very nice. She was mature, nice, ambitious, also very attractive. When we met her (at my Dad's bar) she was all dressed up (with nowhere to go). (This bar is not fancy. The beer is cheap, the food is good, and they play old and new country music mixed with a little rock for the younger generation that's finally coming in. The regulars know everyone and have since we 'were this tall'. (Picture hand out, below waist level.) Bottom line is that this is the furthest thing you could possibly find from a New York club.)

Forward to this past Friday. We were finally to meet Carlos' latest love. Her name is A. Based on the previous girls I've met, I thought I knew what to expect. I let my prior experiences color the girl before I ever met her. Shame on me.

Carlos and A were at the bar before Owen and I. We walked in and they greeted us. Let me tell you, like the others, she's very beautiful. Long brown hair and blue eyes. She's funny and seems to mesh well with Carlos and our family. I was struck with how at ease she felt among all us strangers. Her dancing feet were put to the test by my stepbrother. He has Down's Syndrome, and she never once turned him down to dance or sit with. He fell in love that night too.

Oh, and the moment I fell in love? For me, it wasn't the above wonderful qualities. It happened when I looked down and saw she was wearing All Stars. I want her to be my new (and first) sister-in-law.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up. Nothing wrong with taking care of, and caring what you look like. It's more a question of how well they fit in with our family and friends.
**Another Disclaimer
I am neither high maintenance, nor a slob. (I probably would be high maintenance, but I don't have time...)
**Third Disclaimer
I really did like all the other girls. I like everybody.
**P. S. (AKA Disclaimer #4)
I got my pig roast. Frankly, I ate like a, well, like a pig. Not Good, GCI. Not Good.

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