Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Pig Roast That Was(n't)

For three weeks, my husband and I have been looking forward to a pig roast that was to happen this last weekend. Saturday, we had a wedding to attend. Attending the wedding meant missing two pig roasts that we were invited to on the same day.

That's okay. Bring on the pig scheduled for Sunday!

My friend Kim has a grandson who'll turn three in a couple days. Mon petit singe and the birthday boy are friends. Kim planned to have a party for her grandson earlier in the day and a pig roast later. Perfect. The fact that she was having a pig on Sunday was the only thing that kept me from going to the wedding solo.

Imagine our surprise when we arrived to hot dogs and hamburgers. Now, I love food. All kinds of food. (That may be a small problem for me...) So, of course, I like hamburgers and hot dogs. Who doesn't? They're great birthday party food. But I was really, really looking forward to something else. Oh well, the food was good anyway. The beer and spirits flowed freely. The music was lively. The guests were very entertaining. (What would you expect with all the alcohol?) Overall, we had a wonderful time.

The best part? Personally, my favorite part is always when we get home after a night of socializing and drinking (wink, wink). Aside from that, it's fun to reminisce about a pig roast over six years ago, in the backyard of another bride's father, under starry skies, where a boy and girl declared their love in front of family and friends who toasted to their continued health and fertility.

(Okay, okay, the boy and girl were married at the courthouse several months before the informal reception; the bride was pregnant, big as a house, that night; the groom was shit-faced, wasted keeping up with his new father-in-law and brothers-in-law; but, oh, the food was wonderful.)

And I wouldn't change a thing about that magical, albeit redneck, night.

Yee-Haw, baby!

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