Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Donut or Doughnut?

I'm gonna eat a donut.

One of our suppliers dropped some materials off this morning, along with a box of donuts. I went and peeked at them when I got a cup of coffee. Now, I'm just trying to figure out which one I'm going to devour. I like them all.

I just have to tell myself, "Self, it's not like you've never had one or don't know what they taste like. It's not like you will never have another donut."

Usually this works to keep me from eating any, but I missed breakfast and I'm feeling weak-willed this morning. I'll just use that old standby to keep me eating only one.

So, 80 days left, or something like that. I need to step it up. I've missed too many days to be happy with myself. Though Owen helped me get through more of Jillian's workout than I had previously gotten, I still feel like a failure. It's only 100 days. Why can't I just do it?

I need a reward system. Donuts? No, not donuts. I think if I exercise every day during the week, maybe I'll reward myself with a book sometime during the weekend. That sounds like a good idea. There is a neat little used bookstore near my work. I could (and do) spend hours there.

Now, when do I get to start this new reward system? I really want a book this weekend. I've been too busy to read lately and now I'm jonesin' for a book. I'll have to make up for my missed exercise this week though. Will that count? I'll have to think about this.

Motivational quote for the day: Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and get to work. -H. L. Hunt

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