Monday, October 6, 2008

Email to Owen

(Sent Friday, October 3, 2008 3:31pm)

Hello Owen.

Normally I wouldn't be sending you an email, but, um, it's a long story...

You remember how I wore the red and pink see through bra and matching boy shorts this morning, don't you? Yes, yes, I thought you might. Then you also recall why I'm wearing the set and a skirt and the heels, right? Yes, for him.

You see, he's the reason I jumped you last night as soon as you walked in the door. He's the one who got me so crazy that I had to have you when you came in.

He's the reason it was so good...

So, today he gave me a couple instructions for the day, and now he wants me to tell you about it. Are you ready for this?

The first task, of course, was my clothing. It's been a long time since I wore anything sexy, even for you. He convinced me to wear this skirt (I don't know how) and this sexy bra and underwear. It feels good to feel sexy and know that possibly others think I am too.

So, when I got to work, we chatted for a bit and eventually he wanted me to go into the bathroom and play with myself for a few minutes. I felt a little silly, but I did it. And I liked it. He had me do that twice. When lunchtime rolled around, he sent me to the mall.

At his instruction, I took off my bra and underwear in the restroom and touched myself some more. Then I walked around the mall for a few minutes. I could feel myself getting wetter, even wetter than I was when I used my fingers and hands on myself...

I knew guys were looking at me. Try to imagine what they were thinking. What would you be thinking Owen? Would you see my hard nipples and want to flick your tongue over them? Would you try to sneak a peek while my legs were slightly spread, as I took a rest in the food area, where men in business suits mixed with men in jeans and casual shirts were eating lunch? Would you be wondering if that woman sitting by herself was waiting for someone, or possibly waiting for you? You could tell just by looking at her, she was dripping wet and you could almost taste her. Think she'd let you? I bet she wanted the group of guys sitting to her right to drag her out of the mall. She'd probably do anything you asked...anything.

Here's what I was really thinking...I was ready to have someone bend me over and pull on my long brown hair. I wanted someone to show me exactly how sexy they thought I was. I wanted another task...

Now here I am writing this email because he told me to. All I can say is that I hope you're ready for some more hard fuckin tonight.



Nolens Volens said...

Ohhh. If I had known that was YOU at the mall that day...oh, it was a fantasy. Oh well. I do hope you'll make it happen and then write about it afterwards. :)

Ms.lilysknight said...

Very Very Very HOT! Great post.

Pronto said...

Well, that was a most awesome story!

Very, very hot!