Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I...

Ha. My last update on my 100 days was a few weeks ago. Aside from walking at the park a few times, three weeks ago is pretty close to the last I was habitually exercising. And that's up for debate.

So here I am, about to renew my vow for the tenth or so time, and I just am not sure what to promise.

I know if I don't continue, I will be very disappointed in myself. I know that I don't want to spend next summer in jeans, due to the fact that I don't like my legs. I know I want to be healthier for my family. I know I'm not going to change myself overnight. I know I need to set goals and stick with them.

It's just so hard. I don't want to sweat. I don't want to be sore. I just want to sit and read... maybe a diet book.

Now I've wasted all this time. Clocks change on Sunday, so it will be nice and dark by the time I get home. Not only dark, but cold and windy. Owen is working crazy hours. (Seriously, crazy hours.) I don't have time to drive to the gym and actually put to use the membership I've had since 2003.

Reading this again, I see I'm still good on the excuses. Sure, it's not going to be convenient, but I still need to get some things done. 100 days of straight exercise may have been a bit too ambitious for my lazy ass. Should have started slow.

Here is my new vow... ... ... ... ... Hmm, let me think about this... ... ... ... I thought it would just come to me. Shoot. Okay, nothing specific, I'm just going to try harder.

With that, I'll leave a nice motivational quote: The footprint of the owner is the best manure.
Yeah, ya got me. I don't know what that means, but it's an English proverb and was listed under effort quotes.

Ah! Here's one I can relate to: Difficult things take a long time, impossible things a little longer. -Author Unknown
(Hmm, actually I can't relate. I always give up when things get difficult.)

Anyway. Have a nice day!


Stacie said...

love the last quote...good luck in your adventure.

Jennybean said...

You can you can!