Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Random

See title.

1. My height is about 5'6". When I calculate my BMI, I say I'm 5'7". Makes me feel better.

2. I finally succeeded in my quest to get a Playboy for Owen. It was easier than I thought. And it was from Barnes & Noble. And, yes, there were people watching me.

3. Over the past few weeks, I have abundantly expanded my sexual knowledge, though it is still very limited.

4. I am starting to work on my New Year's resolutions. My goal is five. Five that I have some small chance of fulfilling. Said restriction rapidly cut down on the thirty or so things I would like to do.

5. My conversations with Owen have improved. It could be that I'm just more aware of trying to communicate and talk.

6. Due to some outside influences, my sex life has been greatly enriched. And it was never all that shabby. You do the math.

7. I have finally bitten the bullet. I am the proud new owner of a camera phone. Simple for you, complicated for me...

8. I've started my reward system for exercise. I'm cheating though. Rain or shine, exercise or no exercise, I'm at the bookstore. Only thing is, I can't make it past the Letters To Penthouse series.

9. Owen's friend on the fire department, who fixed our well, has finally sent a bill. The damage: $470.00 That's only for the part, he didn't charge for labor. Good deal. (Not really.) So, Owen, you just keep on being friendly with the guys at your station. In fact, why don't you bring a few home with you tonight...

10. This is Owen's last week of school. He has a final practical test on Saturday. However, it's the busy season at his work, so I will see him even less.


Stacie said...

this random almost feels like a confessional :)

When I joined WW, I mistakenly told them I was 5'4...opps.

I wasn't that far off though, I am 5'3, but that is a 10 lb (or maybe it is a 5 lb, but whatever) difference in terms of "goal" weights

Ms. Lily said...

I'm happy to read this, it is nice when things are going well. I am more than happy that you have a camera phone! ;) I hope that all your new experiences are wonderful. If you are rewarding yourself with trips to B&N maybe you should put that cash away and plan a romantic trip some where.....maybe New England. Just a suggestion.