Monday, October 6, 2008

My Friday

**I was going to send this in an email to someone and decided to just post it instead.**

Just a little bit about my Friday night...

After being on edge all day, following some dictates, I finally had relief. It went like this...

I picked up my son from school and, surprisingly, Owen came home shortly after. Just normal things going on - dinner, dishes, talking, me being horny. I told him a little about my day, my time at the mall, that he had an email waiting for him. So, since he was home and it was still light out, I decided to take a walk. When I came back, I told him I was going to Barnes & Noble and that I'd be back in a bit. He told me to grab him a Playboy.

I wandered around the store. There were a couple books I wanted to check on. But the aisle I kept coming back to had love and sexuality books. I thumbed through the Kama Sutra books and some other graphic novels and how-tos. I knew Owen probably wouldn't do half the stuff in any of the books, so I wandered aimlessly again.

I took a walk back to the magazines and found the Playboy he was looking for. The only problem was that it's so open of an area, it seemed like everyone was watching me. I grabbed him a Maxim magazine instead. Then, of course, I went back to my section of the day. Although my sex life is pretty good, I think it can be better. Plus, I wanted to look at all the pictures. At this point, I was beyond horny. After looking more, and deciding again that Owen wouldn't be interested in any of the books I looked at, from the bottom shelf I grabbed 'Letters to Penthouse'.

I got home and Monkey was already sleeping. I spent more time than I thought at the bookstore. Owen was a little disappointed that he only got a Maxim, but there were too many people. I could've walked into any Adult Bookstore and picked up a magazine, but not from Barnes & Noble. Sorry.

So I sat on the couch reading my new book while Owen was watching TV. He kept looking at me, so I asked him if he wanted to do it, but he just made a face. Yeah, I know. I was dying. Maybe I was too direct or too hot for him. Who cares? I knew that at the end of the night, if he didn't help me with my release, then I didn't need him anyway.

WARNING: Dirty words coming up.

I walked into the kitchen and filled a glass with water from the tap. I heard Owen follow me into the kitchen. I turned around and bumped into him, kind of brushed past him and opened the freezer to get some ice. As I was standing there getting ice, he came up behind me again. This time was slightly different.

I could feel the hardness of him pressed against my back. I set the glass down on the counter and leaned back into him. He put his arms around me, moved my hair, and started kissing my neck. I angled my head so he could get all my hot spots. I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass. He rarely kisses my neck or back, which I love. Usually we just have sex and that's it. Nothing romantic about it. At least it fills one need...

Back to the story. He continued kissing my neck and reached around and put his fingers down my pants. They found my slippery clit and started massaging. His other hand crept under my shirt and played with my hard nipple.

After a few minutes of me wiggling around and trying to keep quiet, he turned me around and kissed me on the lips. He reached behind him and closed the kitchen blinds. Again, he turned me around, this time facing the counter as he stood behind me. He pulled my pants and underwear down. He touched me to make sure I was good and wet. No problem there. He slid into me in one sure stroke.

I came almost immediately. I had been waiting for this all day. All day. A few minutes of this and I pushed him back, and out of me. I turned around and dropped to my knees. I sucked on his cock and cleaned off my juices. I kissed my way up his chest and finally let him taste me on my lips. Owen quickly spun me around and shoved himself back up inside me. He grabbed my hips and plowed hard into me until we both came.

That's what I was waiting for all day...

Next time, maybe he'll pull my hair.

In case anyone's curious, I'm reading this again before I publish it, and I'm blushing because I wrote 'cock.'

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Stacie said...

lol @ the blushing, I am blushing just reading this post.

yet, I couldn't stop reading it.

thank goodness I have an office to myself ;)