Friday, October 3, 2008


Just a couple random thoughts and facts to share today.

1. Today is my former best friend's birthday. I posted about Heather back in August on her anniversary. Happy Birthday Heather.

2. I understood that it was only a matter of time, but I was still unprepared for my Mom's venomous accusations yesterday. Seems I'm having an affair with her erstwhile fiance. (Among others.)

3. I'm varying from the previously coordinated wardrobe today. It's a red and pink bra with matching boy shorts.

4. The teacher of Petit Singe believes he has ADHD. I spoke with her at length yesterday when I went to pick up Monkey. *Sigh*

5. I had awesome sex last night. Owen would like to extend a thank you to the warmer-upper...

6. I've been neglecting my work most of the week, now I need to get a bunch of stuff done, like now.

7. I'm hoping to take Monkey to the park tomorrow, while the temperature is above freezing.

8. I had to turn my damned furnace on two nights ago, the same day I was talking smack at work to all those who already turned theirs on.

9. I did not do Jillian's workout video last night, but I did get some exercise in. ;)

10. The U.P.S. guy who delivers to work is hot. Older. Hot.

Have a good weekend!


Stacie said...

LMAO, I love that your randomness included panty and sex talk.

Hosea said...

It's possible to manage ADHD. Son 1 has it, in spades. And for all practical purposes, he lost his entire 3rd grade year as a result.

I don't know how you feel about psychiatric medication for children, but I will tell you that concerta and ritalin have done wonders for him. Without them, he says his mind is like a radio playing 8 different stations at once. But with them, he gets some peace and quiet, and is able to focus. Just FWIW ....

Ms. Lily said...

Hi Christa,
First, an affair with your mom's ex-fiancée, I am shocked. lol
I was going to comment more but I will just e-mail you later or this will be way too long.
Hope your weekend is great!