Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ran Dumb - Family Edition

Alright, some more stuff... that no one cares about ;)

1. My Dad is color blind. He's kinda macho, but a great guy. He has a shirt that someone bought him from Cabela's... it's hot pink. Now, I think it's supposed to be a desert scene or something. I asked him one time if he knew what color his shirt was... he thinks it's green. I'm guessing he would not like knowing his shirt's pink, nor would he like the fact that his reading glasses (really just a magnifying pair for reading) that he shares with my stepmom are... you guessed it. Pink!

2. A few days ago, we had a typical night at home. I was reading on the couch and Monkey was reading on the floor next to the couch. Nothing unusual in that. Every few seconds I would hear him turning the page. I got up to get a glass of water and when I walked back into the living room, I saw Monkey hunched over his book. "Hey Monkey. Whatcha reading?" No answer. Time for Mom to investigate. So, yeah, turns out he was flipping through a Playboy! And I bet he was looking at it for the articles, too...

3. This year, same as years past, we are having our families over to our humble abode for breakfast. This way, we don't have to go anywhere. It may sound selfish, but with both our parents divorced, it's a huge hassle to try and get around to everyone... and to be fair. Besides, my Mom always freaks out, and this way, she can't complain. (She does anyway.)

4. Monkey had his Christmas program Tuesday. Excuse me, his Holiday program. Overall, very cute. They put him in the back row... those in charge have learned a lot since his front row debut last year ;) I attended Catholic schools through high school. Petit Singe is in a public school. It irked me slightly that I didn't hear any Christmas songs. Only Santa songs... *sigh. I think it's bullshit.

5. My middle brother (we'll call him Chad) is thirty. He has a really cool chick that he's been hanging out with for quite a few months. When my oldest brother was in town for Thanksgiving, we all went to the bar. (Of course, what else?) And we were all a little drunk. I seized the opportunity to ask (read: grill) Chad about his girl. The typical 'when you gonna get married and have babies' questions. I was pleasantly surprised when he said she's ready, he's not, but when he is ready she's the one... And about damn time too!!

6. It's looking like I will be laid off from my job after the first of the year. Fun.

7. Petit Singe has been telling me that he wants a little brother. So, I've been scouring the classifieds for a puppy.

8. There is supposed to be a major storm coming through here tonight. Time to fire up the snowmobile.

9. My oldest brother leaves for Iraq again on December 28th. Means he will be here this Christmas, but not next Christmas :(

10. Owen is at his company holiday dinner tonight. And I think it's rubbish that it's only for employees, and no spouses. Dang it!! I want surf 'n turf too. Not to mention the fact that I had to cancel a date...

Happy Holidays All!!


Southern Sage said...

well ur bro is my hero then. He will be back for next Christmas errrrr holiday.

Either way I'm on his side.

Ms. Lily said...

Lmao at #1, #2 I'd kill the knight, #3 I do the same so my kids can enjoy their toys, #6 you didn't tell me that! Still no snow here yet! I love your Ran Dumb, lol xoxo

Nolens Volens said...

Laid off??? Hope it had nothing to do with all the "e-flirting". My wife is making me go to her company party. Hmm. Wanna swap places and help out my wife as a bi? ;)

An Artist Exposed said...

Sorry to hear you're being laid off. All the same, I hope you have a great Christmas.