Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TMI Tuesday #165

1. What is the greatest age difference between you and a SO? Older or younger?
Owen is the only SO that I've really ever had. Previous guys were just silly high school hook-ups. The age difference between Owen and I is nine months, and I'm younger.

2. What is the greatest age difference between you and any sexual partner? Older or younger?
The greatest age difference between a sexual partner and myself is twelve years. Uhhh, I was younger.

3. Have you started your holiday shopping? Is it done?
I have only very recently begun my shopping. It is far from done. I just don't seem to be much in the spirit this year...

4. What are the chances there will be a "naughty" present under the tree this year (either from you or for you)?
Chances are highly likely that there will be naughty presents for me and from me, but they will not be under the tree ;)

5. What is your favorite holiday song?
My favorite holiday song is Feliz Navidad. Not quite sure why. I'm not Spanish.

Bonus (as in optional): Do you have a preferred time of day to have sex? If so, why?
I don't have a preferred time to have sex. I take it when I get it. That said, I love lazy morning sex.

Happy (Commando) Tuesday!


Nolens Volens said...

Can I unwrap you too? HTT!

Southern Sage said...

Well any commando day is a good day indeed!!
good answers