Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's The Thought

... that counts.

Ahhhh, yes. Seven years of married bliss is to be celebrated this coming Sunday.

Grandma Tootie is a stickler for sending greeting cards for every birthday and holiday. She always adds a personal message inside. Today in the mail, we received a cute anniversary card. In addition to her touching note, she enclosed some McDonald's coupons, about eight in all. Unfortunately, we'll probably use them.

I'm just hoping we don't use them Sunday.

*Hey NV, is that apostrophe supposed to be in the title??


An Artist Exposed said...

Have a really good time at the weekend (and the apostrophe is fine).

Southern Sage said...

yes on the '

glad you havent died and congrats!

Pronto said...

yeah, i'm thinking a Big Mac for Mother's Day and/or your 7th anniversary is kind of.....

lame ?