Friday, June 5, 2009

Possibly Something About Dreams

My dreams have always been somewhat erratic.

When I was younger, I had the same dream over and over. The upstairs of our house was unfinished and I rarely ventured there. My mother harped her warnings of the Boogey Man into my brain at a very early age. (She also had me convinced that there were gorillas in Secor Park, but that's another story.) In the dream, the Boogey Man would somehow lure me upstairs... and eat me, then my family. I must've wised up in my dreams, because I started begging him not to devour me. So I was spared, but not my family. Of course I wasn't much concerned about my brothers, but it surely bothered me that he dined on my parents. I don't know what sparked my compassion, but it was for naught... because when I finally asked the terrible Boogey Man to spare my entire family, he ate us all. Again.

I continued to have nightmares as I grew older. More than once I dreamt of my middle brother dying, being attacked by Freddy Krueger, forced diet and exercise, and beginning high school with no books and no schedule and no shortage of sweat and apprehension.

I have dreams of Owen's infidelity and my own faithlessness. I must admit to not minding the latter. They're quite delicious, what I remember, but no matter how much I concentrate on making myself have sex dreams, they are uncommon. And I don't remember the details too clearly anyway. My dreams desert me as I pound my snooze button into oblivion every morning.

Recently, I've had the dubious honor of remembering a couple vague scenes from my dreams. In one, I was living in a rundown house alone. To my dismay, outside in a tall tree... was a mattress. No treehouse. No ladder. Um, come to think of it, no sheets on the darned thing either. Anyway.

My latest recollection had the potential to be so much more. I'm very disappointed it was not. It was the first time I'd dreamt of this particular person, though far from the first time I'd fantasized about him. I don't remember what we were doing in the dream. I do recall him looking exactly like the one face shot I've seen. He was even wearing the same shirt. Alas, no sex, no groping, no kisses, no whispered words of lust.

Well, I suppose I've rattled on enough, and again, I've forgotten the point of this post. Oh well

I've been meaning to return a few emails. After lunch maybe. My first one will be to the mysterious (to you) man of my dream. Yeah, the one who didn't thoroughly pound me into oblivion before the alarm woke me. Very unfortunate, that.


King Slender said...

At first I thought it said, "My dreams have always been somewhat erotic...." Oh well.

I had a few recurring nightmares when I was a younger, though they seemed to stop after adolescence. I rarely have dreams that could be considered nightmares now.

And while I've had sex dreams about as long as I can remember, for whatever reason, their frequency has increased by leaps and bounds over the past few years.

Southern Sage said...

Well damn!
I didn't get a mail!

Nolens Volens said...

Sure it wasn't me that didn't finish the task? ;)

the eternal list said...

the worst are recurring nightmares, like the one i have about being in a wooded college